Stella Whistles Women's Vest

The Blurb

Look out builders, it's Stella Whistles...again we've included this one in the range, because along side the other Stella pieces, it will add up to a proper women's wear collection for presentation at the highest level, and also because it gives us a chance to use a good word, ruched...which is French for crumpled, and a lovely feature at the back of the T where the straps attach to the main body. Flowy and soft, a good oversized length, feminine but sensible colours, revealing, but without the risk of anything important falling out over's ready for a nice light dusting of printer's ink.

Flowy Racer back Tank.

Single jersey.

50% Organic Ring Spun combed Cotton and 50%. Tencel...for bunny rabbit softness.

Back neck – small size tab only – easy re-label.

120 gsm – as it should be for this cut and fit.



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Make a cup of tea, that's usually a good start, and then once you're ecstatically, (or even moderately) happy with your quote, we'll most likely want to get into a little detail, so if a chat is ok, an email to with a phone number and a convenient time for you is handy - (can also be done by email only, if you're the dark and silent type).

We will run through your garment choices with you, making sure they will all work well for your chosen print or embroidery method; look at garment sizing, perhaps the tried and tested 1/2/2/1 split across S/M/L/XL; talk about choice of inks, water based, solvent based, discharge, digital etc, and ensure you're aware of all the pros and cons and make the right chemical decisions. Print or embroidery colours will be agreed, with pantone references if you have them. We will check overall artwork sizes, any font sizes, line details, tonal dot issues, and consider artwork positions – is 8cm down from the neck agreeable for you Madam?

When we're all happy with all that, we will assemble all your stock, make your artwork films and screens, run an embroidery disk for approval if required, and then give the option of coming into the factory for a print day, (where we can play with ink colours, ink textures, and artwork positions), or, if you're a Moisture Farmer living on the planet Tatooine and the commute is a struggle, we can print or embroider your garment onto a sample, pop it on one of our top in house models, and email you a nice pic of exactly what you can expect to receive. Back neck woven labels and high definition badges we would post out to you before running the bulk. Essentially, checks and balances all the way, to keep you nice and safe.

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