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October Textiles attaches extreme importance to the health and safety of all its employees, its customers, and whoever may be affected by its activities. The Company regards the promotion of health and safety matters as a mutual objective of all management and staff, who should work together in a positive and constructive way in order to reduce to a minimum the possibilities of personal injuries and hazards to the staff and others.

In particular the Company recognises the following obligation to:

  • 1. Provide and maintain good standards of health/safety/welfare, which are so far as reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health, and which are adequate as regards statutory welfare facilities.
  • 2. Provide and maintain safety devices and protective equipment where applicable, and to supervise their use.
  • 3. Provide training, instruction and supervision in the use of machinery and with an emphasis on safety as well as job skills.
  • 4. Provide and maintain safe means of entry and exit to the place of work, free from hazards.
  • 5. Ensure stringent health and safety regulations are laid down in connection with the use, transportation and storage of articles and substances.
  • 6. Monitor safe procedure and introduce new safety procedures when required.

Supervisors are responsible for:

  • 1. Identifying health and safety risks that affect employees and others in their area of responsibility.
  • 2. Assessing these risks and ensuring the appropriate steps are taken to minimise them as far as possible.
  • 3. Fully investigating and reporting correctly all accidents and incidents occurring within the factory.
  • 4. Giving staff health and safety training appropriate to their role.
  • 5. Health and safety policies being kept up to date
  • 6. Regular inspections of the work area being carried out.

All employees:

Every employee has a personal and individual responsibility for his/her health and safety, and is expected to contribute to the general standard of health and safety of all employees. In particular all employees are required to:

  • 1. Use correctly all safety devices provided.
  • 2. Report all accidents however minor and accept treatment.
  • 3. Co-operate in any investigation into an accident or incident.
  • 4. Work with care to avoid creating hazards and to utilise facilities and equipment for the purposes for which they are provided.
  • 5. Bring to the attention of the management, any situation or occurrence which they may believe constitutes a danger to health and safety.

Encouragement will be given for staff suggestions to be made for improving the health and safety of employees.

Machinery: Where guards are required, they must be kept in position at all times, except when removed for maintenance and lubrication. The machines must not be run without guards, unless supervised by a maintenance engineer.

Electrical: The company commits to supply safe and tested electrical equipment

No alterations are to be made by employees without the authority of management.

Faults: Any faults MUST be reported immediately.


We are committed to the principal of equal opportunity in employment.

Accordingly, our employment policies for recruitment, selection, training, development and promotion are designed to ensure that no job application or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, political beliefs, trade union membership or non-membership, sexual identification or marital status. The objective of this policy is to ensure that individuals are selected based on their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities.

Management has the primary responsibility for the successful implementation of the policy by:

  • 1. Not discriminating in the course of employment against fellow employees or job applicants.
  • 2. Not inducing or attempting to induce others to practice unlawful discrimination.
  • 3. Bringing to the attention of employees that they will be subject to disciplinary action for failure to adhere to the policy.

Individual employees have the responsibility to ensure that they assist the Company in achieving these objectives by:

  • 1. Not discriminating in the course of employment against fellow employees, customers, suppliers or members of the public with whom they come into contact during the course of their duties.
  • 2. Not inducing or attempting to induce others to practice unlawful discrimination.
  • 3. Reporting any discriminatory action to the management.

The successful operation of this policy necessitates a contribution from each employee, and all employees have an obligation to report any act of discrimination known to them.

Employees who consider that they are a victim of unlawful discrimination may raise the issue through a grievance procedure.


Integrity and ethics have always been a significant part of the way October Textiles Ltd conducts business. Operating with a strong sense of integrity is critical to maintaining the trust and credibility of our customers, partners and employees.

October Textiles agrees to:

  • 1. Comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • 2. Not knowingly make misrepresentations.
  • 3. All employees having the responsibility to ensure that our business is conducted honestly in adherence with high ethical and legal principles.
  • 4. Not tolerate any harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • 5. No bribes being given or received.
  • 6. Conflicts of interest being avoided and, in all cases, reported
  • 7. Provide products through authorised and ethically sourced channels always.
  • 8. Protect at all times the confidential and proprietary information of October Textiles Ltd and that of our customers and suppliers
  • 9. Encourage employees to report any wrongdoings. Those who raise genuine concerns will not be persecuted or discriminated against under any circumstances.
  • 10. Discipline any employee who violates this policy.

We promise to uphold the highest professional standards in all our business operations and expect those with whom we do business will adhere to these standards. Being honest, open and fair, we believe contributes to the many long-term business relationships we have.


October Textiles commits to:

  • 1. Always strive to use raw materials from sustainable sources.
  • 2. Educate customers to the best of our ability in the pros and cons of sustainable products, with a commitment to honesty without financial motive.
  • 3. Work with audited factories and suppliers who share a commitment to the environment and sustainability.
  • 4. Minimise the transport of materials and look to reduce carbon footprint.
  • 5. Eliminate packaging and attempt to recycle materials wherever possible.
  • 6. Continually monitor and improve energy efficiency in our premises to reduce energy consumption and emissions.
  • 7. Minimise waste by re-use and recycling.
  • 8. Comply with all relevant environmental legislation/regulation.
  • 9. Identify and provide appropriate training, advice and information to staff about the environment and sustainability, and encourage them to develop new ideas and initiatives.
  • 10. Endeavour to perform business electronically and reduce paper usage.
  • 11. Switch off all electrical equipment when not needed.
  • 12. Regularly review our environmental policies and procedure to improve performance and quality.
  • 13. Use higher quality products intended to be saved and loved by customers, rather than operate a volume-based profit model resulting in unnecessary landfill.
  • 14. Products which are durable and loved, are the most sustainable.


October Textiles is committed to total customer satisfaction and aims to provide defect free goods to customers on time.

We acknowledge that the present and future wellbeing of the company and its employees, depends on our products and services meeting and continuing to meet the requirements of our customers.

The management has a continuing commitment to:

  • 1. Ensure that the customer's needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction.
  • 2. Communicate throughout the company the importance of meeting customer needs and legal requirements.
  • 3. Establish the quality policy and its objectives.
  • 4. Regularly conduct management reviews on the effectiveness of the implementation of the Quality Management System
  • 5. Ensure the availability of resources.

Every employee is charged with the responsibility to meet or exceed customer expectations and continually improve the quality.

Employment development through involvement, training and effective communications is essential in ensuring the standards are maintained and improved.

The Company will always conform to the requirements of regulatory authorities and professional associations.

The Company constantly monitors the needs of its customers and its quality performance, implementing improvements when appropriate.

This Quality Policy is regularly reviewed in order to ensure its continuing suitability.


October Textiles Ltd acknowledges the value of effective training and development and recognises that this cannot be achieved without the support of the Directors.

The Company undertakes to thoroughly train all staff to carry out their current role to the best of their ability.

Most training takes place informally 'on the job' with close management support and feedback. Where appropriate, staff are sponsored through specific external training courses.

In addition to training, we encourage staff to think for themselves, to take initiative and welcome responsibility, in a positive 'no blame' culture. Even new ideas that don't work out are extremely valuable. This culture prepares staff for unforeseen circumstances, and opens up their potential for greater roles in the future.

October Textile's employees can expect:

  • 1. Ongoing training to allow them to do their job to the required standards.
  • 2. Support when they have problems with their work or personal life.
  • 3. A chance to improve their skills and knowledge to help them develop their position within the company.
  • 4. Clear guidelines.
  • 5. Kindness.