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Metalic Printing

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Metalic printing – It’s similar to glitter, but quite different. Instead of using large expensive nuggets of real gold or silver* as we actually really do in all our glitter prints, we use smaller more discrete particles of metal flake. These  are then suspended into a solvent based ink, just the same type of plastisol ink we would use in many other applications, nothing unusual there. These smaller flakes will consequently sit more gently onto lighter weight fabrics than a glitter ink. The latter can feel way too chunky on our more flouncy fabrics. We are often asked, well once, ‘Commercially, which sell better, glitter or metallic inks?’ Our stats are pretty flaky on this, but instinct would say that a nice subtle metalic will out sell a glitter every day of the week. It takes a certain sort of person to waltz into the pub wearing a massive glitter print, and looking like a Christmas tree having a drink. Metalic colours available are limited, basically a gun metal silver, or an almost bronzey antique gold look. It is technically possible to mix other colours into a metalic, you could attempt for example a red metallic screen print. Honestly though, they look a bit dull and dirty when we start diluting the shimmer of the metalic flakes with other solid colours, so we’d advise you give that a wide swerve and play it nice and simple.

Why choose metalic printing rather than glitter?

One very good reason is that you can get a smaller flake through a slightly finer mesh screen, and so we can create more detailed graphic lines than are possible with those nuggets of glitter.

And as we’ve alluded to above, as a rule, metallic printing is  for when you’re feeling semi crazy, but don’t want to over egg the pudding, and often we feel they’re much preferable to a full on Christmas party glitter.  You will look considered, stylish, and slightly up for it, without having too much to drink prior to urinating in the wardrobe.

*not strictly true

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