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Garment Manufacture

There are only 17, 202 garment choices on this website, probably…but for you, none of them are quite right, besides, you want to be taken totally seriously by the big time retailers, and feel the need for your own garment cut. We can’t blame you for that, and if you have the necessary loot it’s all do-able. Garment manufacture is out of our highly accredited factories in Turkey, signed up to the Fairwear Foundation, Oeko-Tex 100, the Soil Association, in some cases carbon neutral, using cotton from the Aegean region of Turkey (so not picked by nine year olds doing an 18 hour day). They’re then trucked in to save the ozones. So if you want your T-shirt a bit longer, a bit shorter, a bit heavier and lighter, and generally a bit more you, and can manage the 150 per size per colour quantity, then let the bespoking commence.

What do I do next then?

You may have graduated from Le Skool de Fashion Paris, and have no problem cutting your own patterns for garment manufacture, all well and good, but if like most of us you’re less of a garment technician, you’ve got to start somewhere.

In the real world this can often mean digging out your nearly favourite T, sweat, hood, polo etc, and considering what you would like to change. Starting with this garment as a good guideline, you may then specify a contrast colour collar or cuff, a longer sleeve, a heavier fabric, a wider rib and so on. This garment can be given to our factory with alteration notes, giving us a good start point and a greater chance of quick success.

Although we have to commit to going into production once any necessary tweaks are made, all garments are sampled before the main manufacturing run, for peace of mind, sleeping at night and generally feeling relaxed.

Here are some good things about garment manufacture from our factory, we think.

Short Lead-time Manufacturing


Low Minimum Orders

The minimum production per style, per colour and per size is 150 pieces when using stock fabrics…it’s a fair old commitment when we’re good and ready, we may use off the shelf re-labelled T-s to begin with, but sensible numbers none the less.

Short Lead Times

Typically within 21-28 days of order using road freight or as little as 14 days using air freight…capacity of 25-30,000 garments per day depending upon the complexity of style, which is a lot.

Pantone® colours are also available, requiring lab dips and a little bit longer.

Rapid Transit

Road – weekly shipment by truck leaves Turkey every weekend and arrives usually within 10 calendar days, subject to road conditions, bandits, customs and falling asleep in a layby…not really, the drivers get here on time.
Air – weekly consolidated air freight leaves Turkey every weekend and is delivered usually on Tuesday or Wednesday. There is an additional charge for air freight, which will be quoted separately, to cover in flight sandwich bills etc.

Washes, dyes, spray effects and speckles are all also available. If you have a sample, let’s have a look..

Technical Information

Garment Costs

All bespoke manufacture jobs are quoted individually at the time but our wholesale price list will give an indication of costs for typical garment styles, the bespoke versions unless they’re super complex won’t be far off.

Sampling Costs

There is a charge for preparing prototype samples, it takes a little work and time. Any delivery costs incurred to and from the factory are charged out at cost.


We can manufacture your labels from artwork, and insert during production into the neck seam, side seam or elsewhere if you want it a bit more freestyle.

And that should pretty much cover it — as always of course the above is fascinating bed time reading, but no substitute for a proper chin wag.

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