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All over printed garments

When choosing all over printed garments, the product is laid flat and then WHOP, it is all over screen printed with a massive screen using water based ink to maintain softness with larger print areas. A bit Blue Peter, and works best with less exact images, as the ink coverage can be a little random when going over seams and raised areas of the garment, creating irregularities in the screen print. This can be used to great effect, but is worth noting.

Handy tip #1: rather than going for extremely graphic clean lines when attempting a product which is all over printed, overlay artwork at the design stage with a distressed filter, (or we can do that for you) so any over the seam imperfections look like we meant it that way all along, didn’t we?

Handy tip B: to avoid ink build up near the seams on an all over printed garment, print the garment panels prior to manufacture, and then insert them properly into seams at the make up stage – involves proper garment manufacturing so minimums and increased cost, but well worth a chat and it can be done!

All over printed garments – is it a good idea, will I sell more product? It’s more expensive to set up larger format screens than more standard size artwork, so with that in mind, less is more…fewer colours will make it much more affordable, in fact one colour and the right graphic will nail it. The additional reason for fewer colours is that although we all like to think we’re pretty out there, it takes a certain sort of person to walk into the bar looking like there’s been an explosion at the Dulux factory, so subtle is the way forward perhaps.

As for will it sell more garments if we offer something which is all over printed, the honest answer is probably not – a good positional print, smack bang centre chest in the right clothing collection, will sell just as well if not better, so sometimes we add the occasional all over print not because it makes massive commercial sense, but because it shows what we can do and is a chance to show off a bit – it gives our customer an option, and perhaps makes us look like a more considered range.

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