Expanding ink puff printing

Expanding ink puff printing

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Expanding ink puff printing  – It’s Chemistry’s answer to yeast, as an additive to plastisol inks which raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel….stand back, and watch your design rise like a fluffy loaf. But maybe don’t cover it in jam and eat it.

What does this expanding ink puff printing thing look like?

The ink lift is bevelled, kind of domed with a curved top edge, but you can also create a square edge on the lift by using multiple coated screens creating a thick stencil – hard to explain, time consuming, amazing, but not cheap. So probably no reason to share that with you whatsoever, unless you’re a lover of the dark arts. The Knights of Illustrious Print meet on the first Tuesday of every month at undisclosed venues – contact us for details.

Handy tip #32 – We like to use it to create a nice textural contrast in small areas, to be noticed by the customer several weeks after purchase, filling them with happy surprise.

Will we get good print durability if the design is popping off the shirt? With a little added lycra base for elasticity in the ink, the print will last well.

Additional comments – try and avoid massive print areas, stating the obvious perhaps but as you can imagine, you’ll end up looking like you’ve got a beach ball strapped to your chest if you go for a really big print . So what kind of design does look nice with expanding ink? We like the stippled effect in the pic here, which can create a nice table tennis bat texture. Another nice touch are thin parallel lines which again have the advantage of not putting too much ink down so the image isn’t heavy, but they do add to the textural idea by creating a nice ridged effect as you run your hands over your body. Probably worth being careful not to do too much of that in public.

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