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Fashion Photography

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Fashion Photography

It would be a shame perhaps to forget fashion photography, to go to all the trouble of producing a lovely garment range, and then take a few pictures on our phone and whack them on a website.

The importance of Photography

The importance of photography often supersedes the importance of product. More important than what we do at October Textiles? Hard to imagine, but it could be true. A great Photographer can make the great look average, and the average look great. They need to understand our brand story, perhaps that we want a very English, heritage feel, or something more urban and quintessentially London. A more Californian look to our photography? Then it’s time for that golden filter! The models, the lighting, the scene around our product will be the final and most important finishing touch to our look.

American Apparel don’t hold fast to a grainy photographic finish with a kid next door model for no reason – it’s a sustained look that should mean that when passing a billboard on a bus in the fog, and without even looking, we will know instinctively that the advertising belongs to American Apparel, and them alone.

fashion photography

Fashion Photography

Style over content

They should perhaps remain nameless, but there are a few successful brands who recognise the importance of a style over content approach. Their fashion photography is given top priority. When we drill down into their collection it may only be a few nice T shirts, polos and sweats, but to look at their website you might imagine you were in the middle of the coolest Jack Kerouac style road movie ever made, and end up desperate to buy their product.

And so we have access to one or two fashion photography gurus. Those notorious for creating work with style and wit, and bringing the best out of every garment they shoot.

The best of them are, for obvious reasons, often booked up in advance, so if you decide to ice the fashion cake properly and want to have a chat with them about light levels, it’s worth mentioning fairly early on…

oh, and fashion photography is not always as expensive as you might think!

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