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Garment sourcing – as in ready made garments. Bespoke Garment Manufacture has it’s own area in this services section and should not be confused with garment sourcing. Now we’ve lost some good people in search of the perfect T….it isn’t easy, and there are thousands out there, even before you start and consider sweatshirts, hoods, polo shirts, and drop crotch ball-room chinos.

Sourcing the right garment isn’t just about what we like….garment sourcing is about what sells best, into the relevant market sector . For example, our favourite T may be made from bamboo, soft, fine and luxurious…now I know I’m right on this, it is the most gorgeous, BUT, I also know that there will be those who will disagree. It’s not all about me. So we may recommend sourcing a mid-weight T like the Classic Jersey, still super soft, but especially with online sales it will cover more bases. It’s semi-fit, not baggy or tight, and heavy enough for the DC shoe wearing skater doods in their cut off cargos and white socks, but  light enough for your All Saints types…we have to date perhaps only looked at clothing as a shopper – now we have to put that behind us maybe, push back our New Era 59fifty snap backs, and look with a more commercial eye…or do what I do, and fly in the face of all commercial sense, because I do love a bamboo T. Kind regards, Mr Hypocrite.

Do I have access to all brands when garment sourcing?

One of the biggest issues with garment sourcing, is working with people who have who have access to all the brands, and even more so, good relationships with the manufacturers and importers. After 25 plus years we like to think that we do, with many good friends in the industry backing us up – we drink together and discuss relationship issues – it helps. As such, with the exception of goat hair underpants (although we do have a friend at Himalayan Hang-Dangs), we can get hold of pretty much anything out there, while recommending the pros and cons of all the available choices….it usually needs a good old chat…0115 9585000 to discuss garment sourcing.

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