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Biro drawing embroidery
This embroidery originated with a biro drawing, made whilst on the phone listening to a legend in his own lunchtime bang on about how brilliant he is. As you do. The stitch technique attempts to create that hand drawn feel, and combines it with curtain fabric from a 1972 Split Screen Camper Van, which is laser cut and Appliquéd onto a heavy sweatshirt. A lovely nod perhaps to easier times, doodling in a van at a rainy caravan park.

Circle symbol embroidery

Bit punky this one. A heavily washed denim fabric, laser cut into shape and then hand screen printed with a discharge ink. The fabric is then embroidered into position using a very freehand style, with small red cross details in the centre to give it even better adhesion onto this heavy hood. Do they owe us a living? Course they fucking do. As the old song goes.

Bonsai embroidery
Cheating, or Creative? The old Terrorist v Freedom Fighter debate. Because this badge is from eBay at about two and a half quid. But we’ve hand printed a shiny plastisol ink, so it pops off with the black on black text, and then embroidered the badge into the space we left. A nice blend of techniques and textures perhaps.

Metal and embroidery

Embroidery, meets gold metallic screen print, meets red laser cut felt appliqué. What a three way. They said it couldn’t be done, but with a bit of play allowed with the lining up of these different techniques, we feel it can. It says, ‘Here come the Creative People’…. and they’re our kind of people.

Old man embroidery

Photographic embroidery interpretation. A mouthful, and it is a load of stitches. The idea here was to start with a photograph, and see if we could make an embroidery disk to illustrate it using a variety of different stitch textures. That was the brief to Gary here who digitised the original design, and we feel he’s bloody nailed it. In spite of being a Nottingham Forest fan, like all Artists, he still believes.

Yellow Jugatsu embroidery

Chain Stitch, a good old classic! This one was digitised by Catherine at EDS, and it’s a beauty. The original had more stitches in it, but Catherine removed a few to allow the texture of the garment to pop through a touch and enhance the design. She said something about ‘allowing the stitch to speak more freely’… that’s when you know someone really cares.

Jacket embroidery

Nothing special here in a way, it’s a flat embroidery but using a thread we forget to feature sometimes. A nice hot popping Neon. There are a variety of different techniques like this, like reflective perhaps, where a glass bead is attached to the thread to bounce back the light. Embroidery meets nano technology…almost.

Black on black embroidery

Not sure you’ll pick up the full majesty of this one from a photo. Quilting. Black on black. So subtle as, but using the correct tension and embroidery technique, it creates a raised pillow effect that we find very pleasing. Rest your head on it, and have a snooze.

white on white embroidery

A nice old school Appliqué. You can use whatever fabric you prefer on the inner area. In this case it was a sueded effect, but you could have a faux leather, a tweed, a nylon, a tartan…whatever you fancy. We then laser cut the fabric into your required shape, and embroider it into place.

 hard working family embroidery

We might call this Pictorial. October is a hard working family, and this is our most hard working technique. Over 200,000 stitches in an attempt to capture this rural scene, with multi directional stitch techniques to create additional texture. We’re fond of this one, and hope you like it too x



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