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Embroidery – an embroidery service is traditionally used in our sector to embroider a school sweatshirt or a plumber’s polo, done right though it can still be a nice touch. Lyle and Scott have sold a few cardys off the back of it after all. And the techniques are much more diverse than they were, with special stitch options, appliques and the 3D raised effects so necessary for your New Era style 59fifty flat peak…although we remain faithful to the discretion of the smaller, tone on tone embroidery, as an understated way to lift a brand’s profile.

cap embroideryRange building – one of the most useful features of this technique is the way it sits across multiple garment styles. Rather than looking like one of the myriad T-shirt brands which start every day, the right embroidery spread over a small quantity of T-shirts, polos, hoods, sweats, beanies, caps, and why not one of our off the shelf, semi fitted jersey bombers, will make us look like that most desirable of things, the proper clothing brand. Perhaps the more savvy customer has a subliminal expectation that we will look like a proper brand, all the way through to more structured pieces…embroidery (or alternatively a high definition woven badge) will give us this so important edge in such a competitive market place.

We do need to have a look at your design though, in top secret confidence of course – partly to assess the stitch count, and while remembering that the larger the design, the more costly – but in most cases do we need a large design, when our aim is subtle high end detail? If we do go for a smaller very detailed image, we might recommend a high definition badge, in a Lacoste kind of way, or need a good old look at it to make sure we can hold the right level of definition.

Embroidery – Next steps?

• Email your design at 300dpi to info@october.co.uk
• Let us know what kind of garments you may need embroidering…T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, hoods, caps etc…

What will we do next?

• Work out the stitch count in your design
• Email you a price
• And if you say, ‘Nice one, let’s do it’ we’ll produce an embroidered swatch for you to approve prior to…
• Embroidering your garments


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