discharge inks and foil printing

Discharge with Foil printing

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Discharge with Foil printing – This is just one example, of many, of how our ink techniques can be mixed to create a more individual look. Should we do it just to show off that we have all the ink techniques to hand and can use them at will? Possibly, but it’s always nice to use combined ink techniques for a good reason. For example, one of our brand values might be that we want to suggest a sense of the old England, and its lack of relationship with the modern world. With this in mind we might choose a discharge with foil printing option, to suggest the vintage of yesterday, with the shiny high tech of today! All a bit too much? Maybe, but we think that such explanations can add real depth and consideration to a brand.

Discharge with Foil printing – how is it done?

First, pick a nice reactive dyed T shirt, sweatshirt or hood, (reactive dye works best with discharge, because it reacts). The garment also ideally needs to be 100% cotton to achieve best results. It is possible to get some kind of result with mixed yarn fabrics, but it’s not the best way forward. Next, we mix the magic activator crystals into the discharge ink, and print alongside it a solvent based glue. The garment then gets popped in the oven, gas mark 11 for 10 parsecs, then using pink oven gloves it is transferred onto a heat press. Lay the foil over the garment and press for exactly…a bit. Leave to cool, peel off the foil, and wonder of wonders, it only sticks to the adhesive area, leaving the coloured inks visible, rich and luxurious. Leave to stand for one minute until the molecules all stop vibrating…explain your efforts online to justify demanding  a large amount of cash, and serve.

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