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Artwork Origination

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Artwork origination.

Tiffs, gifs, jpegs, ai’s, psd’s, pdf’s, blah blah’s, wiffles, piffles, ding dongs, and a bunch of other artwork origination buzz words. It can all be a bit of a minefield. But that’s what we’re here for. In an ideal world Photoshop or Illustrator would be nice, although a high resolution jpeg will nail it, sent as an email (under 10 Mb please, so the computer doesn’t go bang), on a disk, or USB.

Screen Print – please supply artwork at 300 dpi at the print size. Or if you’re fancying something more digital you can go up to 600 dpi, for detail and resolution only really appreciated by a buzzard.

But if that already sounds like an explanation of artwork origination similar to the Hubble Telescope wiring diagram, just give us a call on 0115 9585000.

If your design is only half way there, for a nominal fee, and some chocolate, the chaps in the artwork department can work your image up to a good digital quality. Even if you’ve got a hand drawn design, we can sometimes scan that fag packet and make it lovely.

A bit about what we do next.

Our repro department still produces high-end films, NOT folex, see through school toilet paper, or other inferior substrates used to create a cheap screen print set-up cost. This means that the quality of the your precious designs is of the highest standard. They will last for many years, so you can come back and reprint time and time again without the extra cost of re-producing your films. Folex is cheaper, but won’t get such crisp, sharp detail, and will have fallen apart by the time you need to use it again. We prefer to avoid this false economy.

Using traditional image setter film also means that your design detail can be retained as much as possible.Registration for multi-coloured designs is exact, and tints and gradations can be used on your items for lovely tonal textures.

We have also invested in full spot-colour separation software. This means we can split any image, whether RGB, CMYK etc into spot colours, and output to our image setter as beautiful split toned films. Once screened and printed, they will come back together looking as good as your original full colour image. This is highly specialised, and baffling to anyone who didn’t study Physics at Imperial College, but can create some amazing lifelike images.

The most important aspect to our repro department are the files that you, the purple velvet hat wearing artist, supply. We have the ability to work with most formats. Jpegs, eps, tiffs, png and psd files. The better you supply your designs, the more efficiently we can work with them.

One last thing about artwork origination…if you are thinking of supplying hard copy, ie paintings, photos, drawings, or a section of graffiti wall that you’ve chiselled off the toilets at Victoria bus station, we can scan, manipulate and retouch ready for output and printing…so get that pencil case out, stick your tongue out the side of your mouth, and get doodling.

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