Foil printing

Foil Printing

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Foil printing – Is largely what you would imagine, unless you have a very strange imagination. An adhesive solvent based ink is screen printed onto the fabric, popped into a large textile dryer and  partially dried, and then a sheet of foil is heat applied on top with a massive trouser press to create a mirror finish – leave to cool, peel off the excess foil around the design area, and apply sunglasses….used by us back in the day for the Star in the Hood ‘garmz’, as the young people say.

Foil printing and confusion

Our screen printed version of foil printing is not to be confused with vinyl cut foils, where letters and shapes are cut out of heavy sheets of vinyl, and then heat pressed onto garments, a bit like football name lettering across the back of your shirt. These have none of the softness of a screen printed foil, and are perhaps, horrid.

Foils are generally available in gold, silver and bronze, for that blinged-up Snoop Dog thing (with more colour variations available upon request – I think we have a few reds, purples, greens and interestingly even a black foil in stock as I write, for that lovely black on black glossy look).

Advisory foil notes – to get a nice thin soft foil means using quite a delicate filament, and as such we would recommend educating customers to wash at altitude using mineral water, and do not set fire to them in a tumble dryer. We’ve never had one returned, so take care of them and they’ll last well – abuse them and they’ll get a bit sad.

And do we use that massive heat press for alternative activities? Contrary to popular opinion, never in 25 years to resuscitate a dead Ginster’s pasty, that is nonsense, but to tidy up a wayward trouser? It would only be English….’Hedges, bring my car to the front of the club, there’s a good chap’.

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