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Watch us screen print

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Watch us screen print.

Watch us screen print, why bother? You could take a trip on the Orient Express, try and kill yourself in a go kart, or shoot your boss up the jacksy with a paint ball. But if you’re thinking of starting your own clothing brand, a print day experience at October Textiles could be well worth a thought.

It’s entirely free of charge, and the artists among you may well enjoy the whiff of ink, and a hands on approach that will ensure your collection evolves exactly as you would like it – far safer than ordering online, and waiting for a box of T-shirts to appear at your door.

You would be made very welcome, with a choice of PG Tips or Nescafe – if you are from London, and can only drink Lap Dang Doodong Tea, harvested by Nuns at altitude, feel free to bring a few bags and we’ll supply the hot water. Lunch will be courtesy of Chez Gregg’s, where Steak Le Bake is always available. All Northern travellers who have come to watch us screen print  will of course not have such beverage based decisions

All you need to get spot on prior to the print day is the size of your artwork – all the other variables, ink techniques, colours, textures, positions etc, can be agreed with your allocated printer for the day. All printers are local to the Nottingham area, accustomed to working with customers from all four continents, and are fully house trained and up to date with all their vaccinations.

With free onsite parking, and a mere five minute walk from the train station, coming to watch us screen print is not just the beginning of your brand, it’s a fun day out to remember, with no queuing for any of the rides.

Putting a new range together is extremely complex. Print colours that work on a back-lit monitor may or may not work on a coloured garment. Textures can change depending on amounts of ink required to get bright colours — do you want a soft water based print, or a bullet stopping plastisol? Does the print look good 10cm’s down from the neck on a small T, but need lowering a touch on the XL? And when all the designs are printed, does the range hang together, is it ready for retail?

Welcome to our world — and with this in mind we prefer designers to be present in the factory when we’re developing new ranges.

We’re only a five minute walk from the station, and a day’s print away from a lovely new range — come on in.

Call 0115 9585000 and ask for Paul, Jane or any of the other tour guides.

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