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Design Consultancy, where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When it comes to design consultancy beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Far be it from us to be the arbiters of taste. But you may have got so far and need a little help with your designs. The ideas will be in there somewhere, but they are sometimes hard to articulate. So perhaps design consultancy can be more, stare into space and talk about what matters to us at times. Stuff will emerge, and gradually work its way into a graphic format. In any other industrial sector, design consultancy would have a cost attached to it, but this is textiles, screen print, cutting and sticking and fuzzy felts, so we do it for the love. It’s free, so feel free to use it.
But be warned: we’re likely to make affected and self-important statements like ‘Good graphic design is intellect made visible’. We may want to talk about the message behind the brand, to work on an interesting graphic story that separates you from the many, and how best to communicate that to a specific, well targeted group of people…and there could be some discussion about whether the designs all hang well together, and have the same recognisable signature (visual brand language)….but as always there will be un opinionated…


for example, October true thing #7 – a one colour print, if the story is strong and the photography beautiful, will be much cheaper to produce, and according the stats we can see, usually outsell a six colour Jackson Pollock masterpiece – because, it will often be more wearable – we think we’re all crazy designers, but what are you wearing right now? Not in a creepy way, but probably black, or white…maybe a whiff of aubergine?
It’s our story makes us desirable and different, not whether or not the shirt has high build, gloss, foil and fairy dust all over it – and so to October handy hint #69 (yes, we are just making these numbers up)…we write the story, before we start to design…

Design Consultancy, where beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that means there can be no right or wrong.

So feel free as always to chat it through at 0115 9585000

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