Garment Bagging

Garment Bagging

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Garment bagging, garment packaging, and looking like your parcel contains a cool t shirt

OK smart boy, say something interesting about garment bagging, garment packaging, and a parcel that contains a cool T shirt! Not easy we grant you, but it is often also about bar codes, stickers, labelled boxes etc. Not a subject for a new BBC mini drama starring Colin Firth, but in a world where presentation matters, it needs to be right…. you don’t want your product to arrive looking like a bag of spanners.

Garment Packaging

We have many friends who inhabit Planet Packaging, where all sorts of gorgeous boxes, tubes and velvet ball bags can be made, to make your garments arrive looking like a present from the Duchess of Forzagadore. However, minimums are often an issue, so for all but the more established brands we often have to box clever (bad puns are free) with off the shelf packaging and garment bagging that can be tarted up to look the part – it can be done!

Blue Peter, Laura Ashley, Ebay and the kitchen table.

It might sound a bit Blue Peter, but just as it all began for Laura Ashley a lot can be done at home on the kitchen table, thanks to Ebay. When your brand is flying and the volumes go through the roof, you’ll need more logistical support, but perhaps one of the nice things in the early days is to put a little love into garment bagging and dispatch. You may well find after half an hour wafting through Ebay that there are a variety of coloured tissue papers, gift boxes, silk pouches and sparkly ribbons, that can all be used to good effect. This may not be the most cost effective option in the short term, but there should be good margins for internet based sales where garments are individually dispatched, so an extra couple of quid to polish the trumpet to a high sheen may well be worth it in the early days. Besides, there’s bugger all on television, so maybe pass the time with garment bagging, garment packaging and sending out a parcel with a cool T shirt….it’s good fun.

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