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Neon Printing – Madonna’s favourite. If you’re feeling all 80’s in cheap plastic earrings and a jump suit, go neon…yellow, pink, orange, blue and green…almost a rainbow of loudness. Neon printing works best perhaps with designs that fit the vibe, as perhaps in the Chateau Roux ‘brothel’ pic attached. Modelled by their old friend the Fat the Boy and the Slim, Mr Norman Cook. The seedy graphic idea fits perfectly with the late night whiff of the neon ink. We do love it when the ink fits the graphic idea.

Handy tips for Neon Printing:

#1 in our list of handy tips – Neon inks need to stand off the garment, to maintain their Soho saucy book shop look, so there will be texture in the print. With that in  mind, and if you’re a softly softly kind of print fan, create negative space within the design by breaking the image into line work, or dots etc…that way it can still be a big image if required, but keep the feel on the low down with plenty of shirt poking through. Hence the parallel line work on our attached example – for every line of ink, there is a line of fabric in between. So there is probably just a 50% area of ink coverage in that area

B – Neon doesn’t like a fight, especially with a dark background colour – it will sit very nicely on a dark garment, say neon pink onto a black T-shirt, but the ink then needs beefing up a bit, so more texture. To keep it soft and bright, lighter backgrounds are a safer option. If you must go neon onto black, and it can be ace, perhaps again consider the amount of shirt coming through the design – keep that to the max.

#3 – Little known fact, but the right kind of neons will buzz even more under fluoro nightclub lighting. Arms I the air, glow stick in hand, blowing your whistle like the train is just about to leave – you know the score.


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