Glitter and Shimmer printing

Glitter and Shimmer printing

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Glitter and Shimmer printing – Santa’s silver flakes are vigorously whisked, and suspended in a plastisol ink to create this sparkling effect. Available in gold or silver and all a bit disco, but a nice touch when sparingly applied to avoid too much texture. Where block areas of ink are required, then a good shout perhaps to veer towards heavier sweat shirting fleece fabrics, that are robust enough to carry the design.

Glitter and shimmers are still ink printed through a screen though, and technically there is another way to apply the sparkle mixture. An adhesive can be screen printed onto the garment in the required shape of your design. And this is where it gets messy. We literally then drop the garment into a tray of glitter, pat it on the back like a good boy, lift it out, give it a shake and with all the wonder of the 1970’s, your super spangled image is stuck to the shirt. This can also be done with beads, cornflakes, feathers and anything else you want to stick to a garment. Do we really want to do it though, honestly? You’d have to ask incredibly nicely, as the lads in the print room end up leaving the building looking like extras from Saturday Night Fever. Pretty cool once upon a time in New York, but if you’re trying to catch a bus in Nottingham it can result in a massive punch up – only ask for the magic sprinkles if it’s a world changer, when a printed glitter will be just as nice, and a ton easier!

Glitter and shimmer printing, why?

Only our opinion, as always, but effects work best when they have a reason, not just effect for effect’s sakeĀ – so we use glitter perhaps when printing a graphic questioning why 1% of the world own 99% of the world’s wealth.

We’re either a way deep print house hell bent on socio economic change, or we’ve sniffed one too many ink pots…you decide.

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