Relabelling and garment finishing

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Relabelling and garment finishing is not a problem for non-retail based clothing, but for most of our customers it’s not an option if we want to present a finished product. But a label is not a label, is not a label – it’s complex. We can, and only supply and apply, the ‘high definition’ woven or printed labels, badges or swing tickets, to ensure you don’t get laughed out of the buyer’s office when selling into the high street, or get a call from disgruntled of Chipping Sodbury when selling online.

“Relabelling and garment finishing is essential to complete a garment line” by Paul Stephenson, Director

Styles of label and relabelling

There are end fold labels, loop fold labels, hot cut labels, locker patches, hem tabs, high definition badges and more styles of label and garment finishing than we could list here. The choice of shape and size of label should ideally fit with the look of our brand. For example, for a more couture brand perhaps Sir or Madam would consider a neat, clean, slim, end fold label, in a less is more, high end kind of way – black detail on white ground maybe, or a tonal black on black. Whereas our streetwear friends may want a bigger statement – the full on back neck multi-colour locker patch that says, I can pull a kinky freestyle 360 with nose bone and clean air on my long board. This, where the wash cares go, how the labels are inserted across different garment styles, all the way through to that secret under the loop label message, known only to the chosen few, all needs the right amount of consideration, and a proper chat.

relabelling and garment finishing

Swing Tickets and garment finishing

Swing tickets are not, as some customers might imagine, an all areas pass to a special no clothes required kind of party. Again, they come in a multitude of weights and finishes, but to feel a little weighty and worth talking to, 400 gram would be a good start. Is it a one or two part swing ticket, is it cut to a special shape, will it have gloss and oh go on then, should we attach it with a velvet ribbon? Like all relabelling and garment finishing, it can be a Mastermind specialist subject in itself, so for your starter for 10, maybe give us a call – 0115 9585000 and download our brochure.


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