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Design by DAVIDA

Some very cool bags by Davida. We love this companies ethical policy, a pleasantly welcome set of principles yet still managing to produce very beautiful products.


Quote from the company:

“Created in 2006 Design by Davida is a new accessories company producing beautiful and stylish handmade leather bags and sheepskin slippers.

The leather we source is from small companies that have received certificates of commendation for their successful efforts of removing harmful chemicals from their process of producing leather, and they contain no dyes. All our leather and fur-on-hide is taken from animals bred for consumption and we only use cow-hide and sheep-skin.

Our eco-chic range, created in response to the rising awareness of the environment by fashion conscious people, provides a stylish range of both classic and contemporary accessories made in cork.

Everyone knows how important their bag is, and that is something we at Design by Davida understand perfectly. Our range of stylish, eco-chic bags will help you to survive another hectic day of work or play.”

Check out the website for more: www.designbydavida.co.uk

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