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“We’ve been designing our modern, new-vintage t-shirts from our base in England since June 2005. 2smartmonkeys was born of a hideous marriage of inconvenience between Steve Maggs and Tim Clarke (two not necessarily smart but rather over-confident monkeys) in the summer of 2005. It was initially a ‘we can do that, so why don’t we?’ kind of thing, where after doing some t-shirts for a friend’s stag do we realised that if having an original t-shirt gets that many girls to talk to you there could be something in it.”

Since the almost accidental beginning we’ve just stuck to designing t-shirts inspired by stuff that we like and that we think other people will like, to make them stand out from the mass market crowd and feel a bit freer for having something lovingly crafted about their person.

Goto: www.2smartmonkeys.com¬â€ and view the gallery of tees.

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