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Fresh spring vibes with Naketano 2009!

Step into spring with your favorite piece by Naketano! This year is already in full swing — and so is our creative crew at Naketano. In the workshop in Essen they toyed and constructed with fabrics to the limit, resulting in the — familiarly colorful — Naketano Spring Collection 2009!

The designers at Naketano have once again put lots of energy and spirit into creating a whole new range of favorite garments, just for you! A row of perky designs awaits you, of course including the typical Naketano hoodie-style. Using the palette of colors, the label presents itself as we know it: vivid, fancy, and yet subtle! A rare combination which hardly any other brand can come up with. Starting from fresh turquoise, the palette plunges into dark purples and blue tones, surfacing in the functional Naketano grey.

Ladies, get ready for a refreshing springtime!

You can find more information at: www.naketano.de.

If you have further questions or need picture material, please contact: info@naketano.de

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