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and so it begins..

So this blog wasn’t exactly something I thought of creating off my own back, it was given as a project when starting my new job as Account Executive at October Textiles, a screen printing company in the heart of Nottingham. Its a bit like Aladdin’s Cave with a harsh looking exterior at first glance but you walk through the door to find people with a heart of gold and more passion and enthusiasm for what they do than I could have ever imagined. After precisely 7hours and 36minutes at work, I already feel like part of the family.

I’m beginning this blog on my first day as an employee at October and hope to make my mark as a person with extensive knowledge of the fashion/print/t-shirt industry! (are you fooled yet?)

I think part of the fear of writing on a blog is posting something that is wrong, or not accepted as right by others, but since when did fashion have a right and wrong? And when was it designed to please anyone? So now i’m going to ‘grow a pair’ and put myself out there.

I am pleased to be working with October and the team, and I’m going to try my best not to completely fluff it up right at the beginning! Although a blog wasn’t something I would initially thought to begin, I’m going to get myself in gear and have found myself quite excited about the idea now I’ve begun.

So here’s to a new start.
Jessica P.

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