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Sweatshirts and Hoods Made in England.



We have talked about it for a long time. In our 22 years of textile screen printing, here at the heart of the Lace Market in Nottingham, we have watched the disappearance of our garment manufacturing industry. At it’s lowest point we lost 6-800 jobs a week, and we went from being able to make any garment of our choice , to being able to make almost nothing. That wrong is being slightly righted today, with the first prototypes of our Made in England sweatshirts and hoods.


Knitted in Nottingham by Dave, brushed in Nottingham by Howard, manufactured in Nottingham by Hilda,  and screen printed, embroidered, badged and labelled in Nottingham by us here at October Textiles, we have a product that from start to finish is crafted within a five mile radius — the quality, heritage and tradition of British manufacturing, with the carbon footprint of a small mouse. 

Let us know your thoughts.

Many thanks, 

Paul Stephenson
October Textiles Ltd.




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