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The Everest Million Campaign

October screenprint T-shirts for the Everest million Campaign — Daniel Hughes is on a journey to the top of the world, to raise funds for Comic Relief , and aims to raise £1 million, by putting the worlds first and highest Red Nose on top of Mt Everest in 2013.

Over the next year, he will be exposing himself to the worlds coldest and highest mountains, training constantly and also holding Everest Million events, where followers can join him.  This is what the campaign is all about. A million people coming together to hopefully do something awesome for Comic Relief.

One Red Nose

One Million People

One Pound Each. The Everest Million

Current Supporters:

 HTC – One of the worlds biggest smartphone manufacturers and my lead sponsor. They’ve been very cool and they are really going to springboard the campaign into the publics eye.

– Coldplay – One of the worlds biggest bands. They are helping to support the campaign and have allowed him to use their music.

– Inmarsat – The worlds biggest satellite communications company.  They are providing Daniel with unlimited satellite data, which will revolutionise the end user experience.

– Thrane & Thrane – A leading manufacturer of satellite communications equipment.

– NIKE- The worlds largest sports company. They will be his lead training partner.

– Specialized – One of the worlds biggest bike manufacturers. They are providing support and PR for the campaign and Welsh Etape event.

– i3.com- They provide all the satellite imagery for the US dept of Defence, Garmin and Tom-Tom. They are working together to build a magnificent 3D model, with live positioning and geotagging of images and videos.

– RAB – A great British Mountaineering clothing company. Quite simply the best in mountaineering equipment and a British company.

– Grivel – A leading mountaineering equipment hardware company.

 Deep – A branding, digital and creative design agency. They have created and designed everestmillion.com

– Peer1 Hosting – One of the worlds largest hosting companies and they are providing Daniel with a fully managed, “elastic” solution to cope with huge spikes in traffic.

 The Red Arrows – another Iconic British symbol. Daniel is currently working with them to deliver a really cool PR event.

Not forgetting – Stephen Fry, Richard Branson, Ellen McArthur and other iconic British people. 

Stephen Fry in particular will be following and tweeting about the campaign. He has over 3.6 million followers, and within the first hour of his tweet, they anticipate that the campaign website, will have 500,000 hits !

EventsMay / June: Denali, Alaska.

One of the coldest mountains on earth, the highest climb in terms of vertical meters and complete self sufficiency. Big packs and sleds just a few hundred miles from the arctic circle.

Even though he’ll be in one of the most and inhospitable places on earth, he’ll be fully connected and sharing his climb with everyone.

July: The British 10k (25,000 runners running through central London, just before the Olympics) — Daniel will be running in his Everest kit, along side  Everest Million branded runners and championed by the event organizers. Its going to be really special, and undoubtedly will attract lots of attention.

August: Training ride for the Etape Cymru – An open event mimicking the Olympic cycle route.

September: Etape Cymru – The UK’s toughest cycling sportive. Again he’s aiming for lots of Everest Million riders to all be wearing Everest Million branded cycling kit. Its being promoted by Specialized and the race organisers.

September – March – PR events being pencilled in.

March 2013: Everest

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