It is here from Stella Stanley

It is here from Stella Stanley

Hold onto your flat peaked baseball hats, it’s not until next year, but every now and then we’re extra organised and get the good stuff in the diary, with a preview of what’s coming next.

The already successful Performs Polo will be having a trip down memory lane, and going all vintage in four new well washed colours. As will the Strolls sweat, just in two colours, but sensible blue and grey so they will work well. And once the preserve of table cloths, or white wafty posh boy trousers in St Tropez, there is the addition of the ‘Enjoys’ linen T-shirt. Yes, you heard us correctly — it’s a bit see through and saucy, but with the quality of linen that says you don’t go for it on the first date.

So, stand by your beds, and wait for some New year niceness. See catalogue here.

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