Birth, Death, and a Print Day at October Textiles.

Birth, Death, and a Print Day at October Textiles.

Like Birth and Death, a Print Day at October Textiles is a big and inevitable thing if you’re starting a clothing brand.

But like birth and death, you don’t know quite what it’s going to feel like! Will it hurt, will it be funny, and will I meet Jesus?

The most overblown comparison ever?

Well of course; the comparison between birth and death and a screen printing experience is an enormously over the top connection, but it’s fashion man. If we don’t burst out of a cake firing rockets out of our arse, no one will listen, so we over egged the title. Guilty. Apologies. We really must behave.

What does it look like?

None the less, if you are starting a new clothing brand, you may think ‘What does it look like’, when you pop in for the day to:

Choose your inkswater based, solvent based, or discharge inks.

Decide on print colours…a dibble more cerise here, a splash more fuchsia there.

Fondle of your ink textures…do you want nice and squirrel soft, or firm as a Welder’s glove?

Consider special effect inks – high build, gloss, foil, glitter, donkey jizz etc.

Have a look at your garment print position – up a bit, down a bit, left a bit, PRINT!

Have a cup of tea – Builder’s – none of that Southern lawn mower grass cutting nonsense.

Check out your back neck labels, high definition woven badges, and run an embroidery sample.

Wear some of your product, dance about in front of the mirror when no one is looking, make sure all is good.

And spend a bit of time with the honest and good in the October Textiles engine room, spanners in hand, pencils behind ears, fag on the loading bay and the truth perhaps about starting a fashion brand, from the Printer who lives it.

The attached film is just a feel, thanks to our friends at Time and Place. Hopefully it will mean that when you walk through the door you at least know that the floor is blue, and like so many things in life, our machinery spins in an eternal circle of birth, death, and a print day at October Textiles.

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