Adriene Mishler by Adidas


We’re all about finding what feels good here at October Screen Print, and thanks to the FWFG Roadshow needing some Adidas inspired tote bags for Yoga guru Adriene Mishler, we found ourselves feeling all mindful, and centred.


We should just briefly say that Adriene Mishler is an actress as well as a yoga teacher, and an entrepreneur, from one of our favourite places in the US, Austin Texas – we wouldn’t want to underestimate her varied talents.

So why would Adidas speak to October Textiles about anything all yoga, chakra, yin-yang and universe? Well you’d be surprised – we’ve changed. Gone are the days of custard creams, doughnuts, and tea and fags on the loading bay.

You’re more likely to find a Screen Printer these days listening out for a kind inner voice, hooking up with his energy centers, and trying not to break wind while attempting pigeon position in a village hall.

It’s all about connection you see, and so unsurprisingly Adidas have linked this project to their initiative to ‘Up Your Connect’

What in the name of the Devil’s smoking trousers does that mean?

Well apparently, experiencing connection brings meaning to your movement, your work, your relationships, your life. Otherwise known as bringing meaning to everything you are and do.

Connection also invites depth, and that very tricky word to fully explain, realness.

It’s not just what you do on the mat. Crikey no. Finding our connection through Yoga can lead to a greater sense of connectivity off the mat as well. Perhaps with someone in a queue while you’re waiting to buy a sandwich.

Adriene’s hope is that through Yoga we can bring the world together, creating a ‘ripple effect of feel good connection’.

Now if you you’re going to shoot for the stars, you may as well do it big, so what a lovely sentiment, and as keen practitioners of Yoga and Pilates here at October Textiles, we’re all for a bit more love in the world, man.

If you do go to one of Adriene’s FWFG events though, a word to the wise, don’t just take the usual mat and water bottle; take a nice warm hoodie and a pair of warm socks for when you’re in Savasna, it can be a bit nippy.

As always these days, October Screen Print, FWFG, Adriene Mischler and Adidas, what a weird collection of words, but times have changed, and we just might see you on the yoga mat!

Adriene Mishler - ADIDAS TOTE

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