October print for clothing brand Represent

October Textiles, UK screen printer for UK based clothing brand Represent, in the UK

This piece is about October Textiles, because no matter how un-English it is we have to talk about ourselves sometimes, and it’s about Represent Clothing, because they’re bloody brilliant, but it’s also about making stuff here in the UK, because we’re still doing it. Still doing it despite the odds being against us, still doing it without any interest from any government, still doing it to keep a trade alive and real people in real jobs, making stuff in the UK.

We couldn’t do that without the pride and passion of young men like George and Mike Heaton, standing up and committing to making clothing brands like Represent here in the UK, and as you can see from this film, taking it out there to show the world what we can do. And the world seems impressed once again, like it was back in the day.


The UK Screen Prints.

What do they look like? Well with the British spirit in mind, it makes total sense that the inspiration for the New Breed collection gets all Churchillian, and reminds us that ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going’, while proclaiming, ‘Long Live the British’, without any apology….

Represent clothing brand

…it also features great British victories, on land

Represent clothing brand

…and at sea

Represent clothing brand

And of course, it still includes that symbol of UK manufacturing, with a Represent Clothing New Breed twist, the British Flag.

Represent clothing brand

We might like to think here at October Textiles that we can still wear an oversized hood and bounce about in some Alpha Mid boots, but we’d quite rightly get arrested. As an old school UK screen printer, working with an old school UK garment manufacturer, it’s good news for the country that Represent are taking their bang on knowledge of the current market, and putting their faith in UK manufacturers to help deliver that vision. No doubt we’ll all be getting a phone call from the government any time now to thank us all for keeping the ship afloat. It’s OK lads, you can keep your knighthoods, we’ll be doing this anyway.

Don’t take our word for it though, we’re just a bunch of back street UK screen printers…if you want to know how relevant Represent are, check out Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Complex, or make yourself a big mug of English tea, toast a muffin and read this blog from The Hundreds: https://thehundreds.com/blogs/content/represent-interview

So if you’re wondering why UK screen printer October Textiles is working with UK clothing brand Represent, making it all right here in the UK, it’s because we walked through hell and kept going…so stand up, and come with us.


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