Coach Jacket – special edition


coach jacket‘Well done October, you’ve managed to manufacture your own Coach Jacket. So what? If I want to add a coach jacket to my clothing brand range I’ll just buy one, slap my logo on, and faster than you can say NWA, Public Enemy and Naf Naf, I’ll be totally on fleek.’ Whoever the fleek fleek is.

And so it began, the hunt for the Coach’s Jacket

Well that’s what we thought too, we’ll drop on the Google, have a five minute hunt for a Coach’s Jacket, and we’ll have it all sorted before you can say ‘muffed punt’ (we didn’t just research the construction of the Coach’s Jacket, we immersed ourselves in the language of American Football, and you try saying muffed punt after five pints). But it wasn’t that straightforward. Of course there are more Coach’s Jackets online than you can throw a ball at, but they all belong to everyone else from Stussy to Deus Ex Machina, and that’s no bloody good if I want a plain one I can re-label, and add my own screen print to.

Coach Jacket complications

Planet fashion ain’t easy, and there are further Coach Jacket complications. One of the features of the classic (and of course we must have classic) Coach Jacket, is that it has a jersey lining. There are brands offering unlined versions, but for us that’s a bacon sandwich without the brown sauce, a downright hanging offence. The complication is that even if we do find a properly lined blank Coach, we can’t get behind the lining to screen print it. And so no matter how hard we looked, we couldn’t quite find the right piece of kit for the no-huddle offense (we’ve no idea what that means in American football, but it sounds about as wrong as Donald Trump).

Why a Coach Jacket anyway?

Well it’s an absolute banker isn’t it? How do we build a range without a Coach Jacket? It goes like this: T, polo, sweat, hood, beanie, snapback, backpack, eyewear, parka, windcheater, MA1, M65, Coach Jacket, Harrington, denim, footwear collection…yacht…cigar. Hopefully. And let’s be right, it’s such a wearable thing. Key features, and we think we’ve nailed them, a pin point sharp collar, pressed stud fastening, jersey lining, with draw cord at the waist and pockets at the hip. We’ve even chucked in an inside stash pocket for your chewing tobacco, or whatever American Football coaches use to get inspired these days. We’ve started with a black, matt, low noise nylon to kick off with, and if you decide you like it we’ll add more colours at half time. All you need to design is a nice 1 colour front and back print, and you’re back in the game.

October manufacture their own Coach Jacket, so give us a shout and we can shoot the gap with a shovel pass straight into the sack, on 0115 9585000.

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