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Digital Printing – Digital prints have no set up cost and give a lovely detail (up to 600 dpi) but have a higher unit cost. So it’s financial swings and roundabouts…super cheap to set up, in fact free, but a little more expensive per item. They are rather good for short runs and multi multi colour work, but as a percentage of most high street product, it’s still fair to say that many fashion brands use screen print when it comes to full production.

So why as old-school twig bearded screen printers do we offer digital printing?

Partly because we have investment in high end state of the art digital kit, which needs paying for (but that’s not your problem).

Also because there will be times when you ask us for a 98 colour print onto 10 T-shirts. If we quoted the screen print, artwork film and screen set up cost for that, you would need to be sitting down with a very sugary tea, and a friend to hold your hand…whereas with digital printing there is no upfront cost, and so no risk of you choking on a biscuit.

Digital printing is great for sample ranges when going into retail…a low cost set up, suck it and see approach. This works best with buyers who have a clue, who will understand when you advise them that production may be screen print.

Digital printing – do we have any reservations?

Mmmm….yes, I suppose we do if we’re honest, and we can’t help being that. It is also available in some form from Vistaprint, and probably Moon Pig, and so emotionally also comes under the genre of a picture of your Dad dancing badly at your Aunty Maureen’s wedding, slapped as a photographic rectangle onto a T shirt, for his 5oth…with this in mind perhaps we opt for more free flowing digital printing shapes rather than squares and rectangles – it will make it more considered.

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