Four colour process printing

Four colour process printing

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Four colour process printing – Artwork is created using (CMYK) dots (stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, I know, black begins with a B – Google it). These dots all combine in different percentages  to mix together and create the full spectrum of colours needed for photographic prints — this means an infinite number of colours can be printed using only 4 screens, blended together in different tones, making the set-up costs less painful – see how we think of you?

Four colour process printing – things to consider.

One of the main advantages to this kind of tonal printing is texture. Because the image will be created as a mix of dots rather than solids, the print finish by normal solvent based ink standards is relatively light.  Four colour process printing will also give a photographic finish, but if it’s a perfect pic you need, we would probably also give digital printing some severe consideration. It should also be added that the inks are required to mix and are more translucent, so less opaque than standard inks. This means a little compromise with the overall vibrancy of colour. If for example we’re creating a red out of a CMYK mix of colours, it’s never going to be as punchy as taking a pure red out of the pot, putting in the screen and shouting ‘have it’ before we bang it directly onto the textile.  For ‘bang it’ read, lovingly apply. That said, spot colours can be added alongside or over the process colours to give the print more pizzazz – you could have a general background of subtle, mixed, full colour tones, with a solid red applied over the top where more kick in the face is required. Nice then perhaps for gentle vintage images where many, but not really bright colours are required…imagine a WW2 pin up girl painting on the side of an American bomber for example, Lucky Lady, Memphis Belle, Big Bertha…we’ll leave you with that thought…

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