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mepod is a new range of designer maternity t-shirts that are designed to put a refreshing new edge into maternity wear.


Launched online on 14th May at www.mepod.co.uk, mepod t-shirts feature a
stylised baby that expresses women’s interests pre-pregnancy — focusing on activities and indulgences that go on hold for nine months.

Whether it’s the putting a halt to gym membership, parking up the bike, missing a ski season, or simply craving a daily coffee fix — the tees provide women with a stylish slogan t-shirt with designs that are worn on the bump – far beyond anything else in the maternity market.

mepod’s creator Lucy Sibbald commented: “The aim with mepod is to create a brand of t-shirts that you would consider wearing even if you weren’t pregnant. My major gripe when I was carrying my two littlies was the lack of excitement surrounding the clothes out there – mepod is something we want women to look forward to wearing. Loving sport pre-baby, I also wanted people to know that I did ‘stuff’ too it was just on hold, and mepod does just that, letting women give an insight into their lifestyles and giving them an identity beyond the bump — the ‘me’ behind the pod.”


mepod talks beyond natural birth versus epidural, breast versus bottle — topics that so often consume mother-to-be — mepod is about the woman behind the baby bump and the life they will bring to their child.

mepod t-shirts retail at £30 – take a peek in the pod at www.mepod.co.uk
www.mepod.co.uk birth announcement: born on 14th May, 8.44am, weighs 400 KB, all vital sections functioning correctly, and mama doing well too.

For further information please contact Lucy@mepod.co.uk or 07889 125 366

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