October screen print for Kamanchi…

Kamanchi Clothing is a Birmingham UK based online T-shirt and Apparel Company. We decided to form the company because we were fed up with being broke while working for other people and not progressing on the career ladder. It was a hard decision to leave full time work and the safety of a regular wage and to take a risk to have a go at something we really love and want to do. Opportunities are hard to find, sometimes you have to create them yourself.

We have tried to create an urban brand that is politically and socially aware. Our artwork has been influenced by our social environment, our political standings in the UK and what’s generally happing in the world. We are not against any individual or group; however we stand against political corruption, greed and world governments neglect for its people.

We pride ourselves on our guarantee to produce high quality garments featuring unique graphic art styles that are designed and printed in the UK.


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