New clothing products Coming Soon to October

New products Coming Soon to October

If it’s flat and it’s fabric, we can screen print it…but there’s not much out there you’d really want to screen print…and so the age old dilemma. We’ve met good men and women who’ve wandered the world, gone mad and grown a large beard in search of the perfect garments, to return  home with little more than a small piece of fluff and a tropical disease, so we’re glad to report that we’ve found some pleasant tackle, fit for some screen print, embroidery and re-labelling love.

The polo in particular is at last a retail item, unlike the majority of off the shelf offering that is likely to make you look like a bunch of plumbers…it’s a good weight, lovely fabric, and decent fit as you’d expect, but we’re excited by the raised retail looking placket (sticky out bit where your buttons go)…ok, we’re easily excited, but that kind of detail cheers us up.

Anyway, keep an eye on the site, when we’ve got it all together, you’ll be the first to know…oh, and not many will have it, so it’s a chance to stick your screen prints somewhere a bit more exclusive!


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