The Charm of the North….October screen print for Grayscale…

“Grayscale brings thought provoking and original photographic art work to fashion. Driven by a lifelong and seemingly unexplored intrigue into the gritty, urban imagery of Manchester and its surrounding areas, Grayscale provides a new and refreshing take on the ‘Charm of the North’.

Emerging from strong contextual post-industrial surroundings — an aesthetic that has been the driving force behind much of the regions creativity for many a year — we strive to pick out the beauty in Manchester’s dilapidated remnants, characteristic peoples and enigmatic contexts, translating this imagery to clothing.

Photographer Michael Barrow’s work presents narrative, atmosphere and intrigue through the subtleties of the everyday contexts in which he was raised. It was this ambiguous and poignant imagery that inspired the foundations on which Grayscale was formed. We know how proud the inhabitants of the North of England are of their heritage. It is a land that has produced some of the most affluent creative minds in history, many driven to work toward masterpieces by the barren moorlands, industrial smog or terrace-lined streets they knew growing up.

From poets and novelists to artists and musicians, these humble and sometimes tasteless surroundings are forever embedded in the minds of those who emerge from them. It is with this ethos that Grayscale can boast a strong relation to an audience that have something to say, people that want to make their own statement and for their own reasons.

Our designs are individually hand printed in the UK, ensuring the highest quality and unrivalled uniqueness to every garment, providing each with the same charm and character of the towns, cities, buildings and people that inspired it.

We are Grayscale and we celebrate beauty in the barren”


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