October t shirt printing for Comme des Garcons

October t shirt printing for Comme des Garcons

October t shirt printing for Comme des Garcons

Every now and then we stand back from the growl of the T shirt printing monster, slow down, light our pipes, stroke our beards, and take a stroll through the October archives, to re-read the more interesting chapters of the Printer’s almanac. This week, amongst an old pair of printing tweeds and next to a bag of gunpowder, we discovered a print we did a while back for our much admired friends, Comme des Garcons menswear.

Comme Des GarconsThis print was an all over large flower design, in a nice red water based ink onto a white T.

It had to be a water based ink as once printed, it was then vacuum compressed into a 6″ cube prior to sale, obviously…a nice retail presentation idea, but more importantly, a great way to get two hundred T-shirts into your brief case prior to going on a world tour – drop them in water three hours prior to cocktails, the plastic dissolves, then hang on the alfresco piazza to dry, creating a crease free T for the modern Mr Bond. Easy.


Water Based inks

These penetrate the fabric more than the plastisol inks and create a much softer feel. Ideal for printing darker inks onto lighter coloured garments. Also useful for larger area prints where texture is important. Often the fashion label favourite, where softness onto lighter fabrics is the key.

Picking the right garment, the right t shirt printing ink, or the right embroidery thread, is a most tricky business. If you would like us to make some garment suggestions, and advise on the best print or embroidery methods, call us on: 0115 958 5000.

Wholesale printing for Comme Des Garcons. See the print methods for personalized t shirt printing variations and print techniques.


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