October t shirt printing for Kippers in Slippers

October t shirt printing for Kippers in Slippers

October t shirt printing for Kippers in Slippers

Kippers in Slippers. We’re an independent brand from Leicester, We started by a group of mates who all grew up in this neck of the woods.

“We decided to use October to get our T shirt Printing done. As a midlands based t shirt printing and embroidery service specialising in fashion were ideal for the job.

Every Saturday morning, from the ages of 11 to 18, we would meet up to spend our shrapnel on the latest clobber.

As time went by and we got a little taller and a little hairier, we began to tire of the same old brands from the same old shops.

The High Street routine had run its course. We started to look towards independent outlets to satisfy our clothing needs and soon realised that our favourite brands were often the ones who drew inspiration from their local area (see Abandon Ship/P&Co).

It soon became clear that our hometown didn’t have a brand like this, a brand that was looking to take the local vibe nationwide.

T shirt design and screen printing was just what this young group of layabouts vowed to fill this void

After maxing out our overdrafts on all the necessities, and quite a few un-necessitates, Kippers In Slippers was born.

Using local artists, t shirt printing professionals and models, Kippers In Slippers aims to deliver high quality, simplistic products that carry a strong association with where they come from.

Just because you’re from a small pond it doesn’t mean you cant be a big fish. Join the crew,

kippin it real Chown T shirt PrintingKipper T shirt Printing

Some of the other products include:

The Little Fish- Purple

Fresh off the line, the Little Fish design makes up one fourth of the KippersinSlippers ‘Back to Basics’ range.

These Tees are all about minimalistic colouring and quirky designs; finished off in this instance with the KiS logo.

The T-shirt is 100% organic cotton (washing instructions included with product) and the design has been etched on with a grainy yet durable water based ink. The labels are also hand crafted with a washed effect, located at the back of the neck and the bottom of the Tee. The end result is a worn, more vintage look; differentiating the Tee from pristine high street products.

How do they fit?

The Back to Basics range are fitted, snug around the arms with a classic waist line length. So, if you like your t-shirts baggy, go up a size, it’s as simple as that!

Size Wise

Here at KiS, we know people are very rarely just a small, medium or large and because we want you to get your mitts on the best fitting Tee possible, our products are sold on scale;

XS-S- 34 inch chest  S-M- 34-36 inch chest  M-L- 36-38 inch chest  L-XL- 38+ inch chest

We operate a seven day return policy, so if you think you’d feel more comfortable in a different size, we’ll change it out for you. Not a problem chaps!

This T-Shirt was conceived, designed and printed in the midlands. Our brand strives to operate at a local level; using local designers and printers whilst listening to you, the local people.

The Little Fish Beanies

The Little Fish beanies come in one size and two colours- heather burgundy or heather grey.  They are a snug fit, so you don’t get that dreaded sag unlike other beanies and the logo is stitched on in white cotton making for a premium finish. Kipp that ‘ead warm until the summer comes!

October Screen Printing

There are many ways to get an image onto a garment — screen printing of course, but also digital printing, litho transfers, and screen printed transfers…they are all available from October.

Digital is fine, but  with size restrictions (14 x 16”), and available from most online providers…it is what it is, just another digital print with no options to add a variety of textures, mixes of inks, brighter colours, and the personal touch that you will need to make your brand stand apart from the others.

Litho and screen printed transfers…offering a nice high detail, but not our favourite as they provide a slightly papery finish, and again, how can we make you different by perhaps having the texture of a solvent based ink, next to a lovely soft water based print, with a sneaky touch of 3D high build…maybe even a gloss, a metallic, or foil?

Screen printing and t shirt printing is really what we’re about – there are a lot of decisions for us to make around artwork films, screen meshes and tensions, we’ll talk you through that, but your main choice is what ink to use…

Solvent based inks — the most common screen printing ink, they will provide strong vibrant colours, and because they sit slightly more on top of the garment, create a more clean and graphic line. Because they are more on the surface of the T-shirt or sweatshirt though, they will create more texture, ideal for a more old school American feel, but if your feeling a bit more All Saints than Stussy, you may want to consider…

Water based inks — standard water based inks are more penetrative, so they will feel a part of the garment for a softer screen printed feel. Because they are right inside the garment, when washed the fabric fibres will come through the ink creating a more vintage look, which you may love, or not love…we can show you examples.  They are used for screen printing darker colours onto lighter garments, but where you want lighter colours onto darker garments, you will need

Discharge Inks — discharge inks are almost like screen printing a bleach, they’re not really, but just to give you the idea…they will remove the dye of the garment, and replace it with a pigment, as if by magic when at high temperature in a tunnel dryer. Just the job for getting bright colours onto dark garments, while keeping the texture nice and soft.

October T shirt Printing, Nottingham, UK

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