Pocket T Shirts to help educate children in India 1

Pocket T Shirts to help educate children in India

Pocket T Shirts – Fashion label Joe & John’s believe that every child in the world should be entitled to an education as a basic human-right, so it was a great pleasure to welcome them to October Textiles in Nottingham to discuss pocket T shirts for their clothing brand.

A brand new product

Their revolutionary idea is a brand new product, called a Pocketbag, – a detachable pocket that attaches onto a range of different garments and bags. With regard to October’s involvement, this would be a digitally or screen printed pocket with press studs, produced in Nottingham in conjunction with a special T-shirt with corresponding press studs on the pocket area. This allows customers to wear a different pocket detail every day of the week, or throughout the day according to their mood!

Pocket T Shirts to help educate children in India

Creating jobs in India

Although October Textiles will help with initial production, the long term plan is to be creating jobs in India by employing local Delhi tailors to produce the Pocketbags, providing a much needed, sustainable, fair income for local people. Joe and John will be working closely with their bag providers (and non-profit care organisations) who will help them distribute the bags, making sure they are going to the children who need them the most.

Pocket T shirts and bags – How do the children benefit?

For each Pocketbag that is purchased, a less fortunate child in India will receive a school-bag filled with the essential tools they need for the classroom, but put simply and with inspiring ambition in the words of founder Joe Vine,

‘We are not just providing school-bags, we are providing life-changing futures for those who need it most….and if for every pocket I sold I could help a child into education, that would be a start’ 

Each schoolbag received will be waterproof for the rainy season, made from recycled materials, and contain 3 pencils, 3 pens, a pencil sharpener, eraser, pencil case, colouring crayons, a poster, an inspiring story, and the most important school lesson of all, that it can all be fun, so they will also include a tennis ball for break time.

October Textiles will of course be lending their full support to the pocket T shirt production, and wish Joe and John all the luck in the world, starting with India!


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