&Sons Kickstarter

October screen print for Kickstarter fashion brand, &Sons.

Kickstarter fashion brand launch. Hopefully the good people of October understand the fashion screen print bit, and the &Sons 50’s inspired café racer story makes perfect sense, but Kickstarter, what the Devil’s trousers is that all about?

We’ve never taken part in Kickstarter – when we started, around the time King John was getting jip from a supposed hard man in green tights, there was no such thing. You just saved all your pocket money, waited a for a good tip, and then shoved a bundle on Lucky Lad to romp home in the 3.30 at Nottingham. We’re told though, and it may be true, that things have moved on.
Kickstarter involves no leather or motorbikes (actually in this case it does). It looks like you make a really nice video telling people how ace café you are, offer them some kind of incentive, like if you pledge 100 quid we’ll send you a box of clothes, and hey presto, you end up with a suitcase full of cash.

Lovely. We’ll sort that this morning, and by this time next week, we’ll be fully funded, and launching our new fashion brand like a big shiny rocket. Stand back, in case you set fire to your tweed Baker Boy cap, and soil your Selvedge denims.

&Sons, and the importance of a Kickstarter story

Can it be that easy? Well yes and no. If you follow the link below and see how much money &Sons have already raised, in a short space of time, you will see that it can be done. Hurrah! If we ask ourselves how it’s done though, perhaps there are two key requirements.

Firstly, research, and the identification of a recognized niche. Making something that people actually want. We could wave an irrelevant tattooed finger at the Hipster waffling up Brick Lane here, but &Sons are special in our view – non band wagon. They have their origins in a search for real work wear that does a real job, while staying on trend. We have to work, but we don’t have to look like a bag of spanners. They have a very targeted niche, a customer who they know will want what they make, but with the added twist of workwear relevance. It’s not Shoreditch for the sake of it.

Secondly, and our favourite story – they have story. This is key, because unlike many who begin by telling us what they’re making, &Sons quite rightly begin with telling us why they are making it. In the words of author Simon Sinek,

‘People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it’

So let us start to conclude, with the words of &Sons founder Phil James himself:

“The idea for this project came about when I found myself trying to find clothes that were functional and hardwearing for my day job but also fashionable, comfortable and ultimately something I felt proud wearing. I also wanted a certain ‘look’ but found myself shopping around from several different websites. And so… &Sons was born, catering for a discerning customer looking for a classic, timeless style.

“We loved the idea of a Kickstarter campaign to get us off the ground as the thought that people were voting with their own investment for what they wanted to see hanging in their wardrobe, really resonated with the team. We really hope fashionable folk far and wide will dig deep and back this exciting vision.”

From head to toe or rather ‘cap to boot’, the &Sons range includes a Baker boy cap in tweed and leather, a Chambray work shirt, cotton waistcoat, Selvedge denim jeans and handmade leather work boots amongst other pieces. All garments feature only the finest natural materials combined with the greatest craftsmanship.

All fingers crossed here at October, that thanks to the magic of Kickstarter and screen print, fashion brands like &Sons will have a properly funded launch.

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