Screenprints for Edwin and Goodhood’s Kyle Stewart

October screenprints for Edwin and Goodhood’s Kyle Stewart go live, as featured by Highsnobiety

It makes us happy enough to produce screenprints for Edwin, ices the cake when Kyle Stewart from Goodhood produces the B Movie inspired designs, and whacks a dirty great cherry on top when it gets featured by Highsnobiety.

We mentioned these graphic screenprints in a previous blog as an early snifter, but now it’s all live we’d like to share the film with you too – because we thought you might like it.

To recap, the screenprints are B movie based and hand drawn. For us, Kyle manages to give the designs a nice juxtaposition of humour, with a little darkness, which after all is what screen printing is all about.

And with Edwin being a touch famous for their denim, it’ll come as no surprise that Mr. Stewart’s six illustrations are featured on a screen printed black denim jacket, as well as short, heavyweight cotton tees in either black or white, with punk pins, and our screen printed classic canvas totes. Obvious really.

Edwin then asked Alex Flach of Berlin Mitte’s Civilist skate store (a bit of a streetwear institution) to test the product good and proper, on the streets where it belongs. The result is this featured film, nicely recorded in the heart of the German capital.

The collection also debuted at a special event in London, with Flashback Records’ Andi Nixon providing a Lo-fi metal, B-movie horror soundtrack and DIY punk mix, to support the evening, while Gordon’s Gin, Guinness, and October Textiles customer MEATliquor took care of all other possible requirements.


And why so happy to be covered by Highsnobiety? Well you know all this stuff, but it’s one of the main online publication covering trends and news in fashion, art, music, and culture, which all sit happily side by side in one place. There are tons of sites which get up to all this stuff, but somehow this one stays just ahead of the pack when it comes to figuring out what’s going to happen next. It’s like they’ve got a fashion crystal ball – weird.

Screenprints, Edwin, Goodhood, Kyle Stewart, Highsnobiety and October in the same sentence is not an everyday, but it’s a happy day.

screenprints for Edwin and Goodhood’s Kyle Stewart

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