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Cole Buxton tshirt black

Well we say custom work out T shirts, but let’s be honest, Cole Buxton is one of the most desirable brands to be seen in right now, both in and out of the gym.
Since 2014 when we first worked for the top man himself, Cole Buxton has understood the importance of adhering to core phrases and values. Yes it’s a great T-shirt, with the jersey knitted in Leicester using the finest cotton yarns, but it’s the mantras of ‘Mastering Simplicity’ and ‘Athletic Essentialism’ that we think give a real soul and direction to the brand.

Cole Buxton feels to us like the very best, for the every day.


In a world full of work out T shirts, Cole Buxton also adds the morality of sustainable fashion. But not just physical sustainability because the garments last, what’s the use in that, if a brand can’t sustain your desire to continue wearing the product? Cole Buxton takes care of this with an aesthetic that in our view will stand the test of time. As you can see from T shirt graphics here and the silhouettes, you’ll be as happy in one of these this time next year and the year after, as your T shirt weathers into a loved and trusted piece.


This sustainability is further backed up with a little history, where Cole Buxton takes inspiration from 1960’s bodybuilding with three key features – the dropped shoulder, the fitted neck, and the slight crop on the overall length. The holy trinity of the custom work out T shirt. No need to make any changes there. When it’s right, it’s right.
This sense of great things from the past is further communicated through the Cole Buxton signature wash. Each T shirt is pigment dyed to create a truly unique finished product. While other garment manufacturers and brands worry about exact replication, Cole Buxton is among the few who understand the value of individuality.

Custom work out T-shirts from Cole Buxton, that’s how we began this brief story but we hope the above explains, it’s a little bit more than that!

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